This quote from Jeremy Hunt reveals insanity of no-deal Brexit – Brian Wilson

One is spoilt for choice but I suggest the quote of the week to illustrate the surreal nature of the Tory leadership fiasco belongs to Jeremy Hunt, who is supposed to be the relatively sane one.

Jeremy Hunt spoke about the possible need to wipe out an amazing company in the name of democracy (Picture: John Devlin)

Mr Hunt told a hustings of Tory members: “I was at an amazing company just outside Kidderminster that manufactures steel wheels for offroad vehicles. They’ve got half the European market and employ 350 people. They have a four per cent margin so a ten per cent tariff on their products would wipe them out. So there would be an economic impact of no deal. If that was the only way to deliver Brexit then I’m afraid we have to do that because that is what people have voted for and we are a democracy first and foremost.”

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Pause for a moment to contemplate the sheer monstrosity of that statement – which Mrs Thatcher in her pomp might have baulked at. A great company and 350 jobs are to be ”wiped out” on the altar of a “no deal” Brexit and he is boasting about it in the name of “democracy”.

Multiply that illogic by thousands. Take out Kidderminister and wonder about a place near you. Then the scale of this folly and subordination of consequences to dogma might register. Mr Hunt is not a fool. Perhaps it is worse. In order to compete for his audience, he has to pretend to be a fool – and a dangerous “out by 31 October” one at that.

The stakes could scarcely be higher and at some point Opposition parties must recognise that responsibility rests with them also if this lunacy is to be averted.