Nothing Faulty about this birthday brunch – Hayley Matthews

Harvey Nicks’ Forth Floor and Faulty Towers The Dining Experience couldn’t be more different – but they can both make Hayley Matthews smile

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience gets rave reviews every year at the Festival. Picture: Alistair Linford
Faulty Towers The Dining Experience gets rave reviews every year at the Festival. Picture: Alistair Linford

Last week I had my birthday. It wasn’t a big special one but nonetheless, everyone likes to do something a bit fancy on their birthday. It’s a great time of year to have a birthday, especially with the city buzzing as it gets ready to host the Festival. However, my tummy had different ideas. It was gurgling away about to give me a day of conversations with the porcelain phone and the timing couldn’t have been worse.

I had to cancel more things than you could shake a stick at, meeting friends, haircuts and many other events got the bum’s rush as I dealt with two unwell boys then boom, I got my turn. I was fine with rearranging friend meet-ups and the haircut. However, I was absolutely gutted that I missed the press night on Thursday of Fawlty Towers Live at the Hilton Edinburgh Carlton Hotel with Basil, Sybil and the crew.

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One of my fondest memories of the 2015 Festival 2015 was interviewing the cast of another show, Faulty Towers The Dining Experience, for STV whilst Manuel caused mayhem round the cameras in the background. It was brilliant and probably one of my favourite festival shows. I was meant to be taking my dad with me but he managed to find a hot date instead and they both had fun. He commented how Basil was absolutely brilliant and showed me some video clips that he took. They had an absolute hoot and said it was wonderful. At least I now have an excuse to see the show when the Festival starts and if you’re a Fawlty Towers Fan don’t miss it – every year it gets amazing reviews.

Come the Sunday and after a few days in bed feeling sorry for myself, I was absolutely going to do something special. I was adamant that I was going to make a Sunday lunch date with a friend at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh that had been arranging before illness struck.

They’ve just launched a new brunch menu as part of their series of Sunday Sessions and the thought of sitting relaxing over lunch with a good friend was enough for me to get myself in gear and jump on the 26 to St Andrew Square.

Seeing as baby Oryn is still a full-time member of “The Boobie Bar” he gets to be my chum to most events and he certainly seemed to enjoy Sunday. When we arrived, we were taken with the breathtaking views of the Edinburgh skyline. Oryn also seemed intrigued by the view and what was going on. We sat looking out at the incredible scenery as a very talented guy played live acoustic music. We tried the Caesar Salad and Eggs Benedict from the Forth Floor Brasserie’s new menu which was just delightful and washed it down with a glass of rosé. I even managed some summer pudding – well it was my birthday weekend.

My friend commented on how it’s one of those menus that you look at and want everything! Oryn didn’t miss out either with a side of sweet potato as he reaped the benefits of being a mum chum on a lunch date. Getting just an hour or two with a friend to eat brunch and catch up was well needed. There were lots of families and children enjoying a Sunday meal and the atmosphere was incredibly relaxed.

I have to say a special thanks to Jay who really looked after us and baby Oryn (who was a tad grumpy).

It was such a lovely afternoon and a welcomed treat after a rubbish birthday so thank you Harvey Nicks for making me feel so much better. The sessions run until September 24 offering two courses and a glass of fizz for £22. I’ll definitely be back soon!

This article has been amended to make clear Faulty Towers The Dining Experience and Fawlty Towers Live are two different shows