Nigel Farage's twisted use of D-Day shows how low he will stoop – Scotsman comment

The politician who did more to bring about Brexit than perhaps anyone else now wants to replace Conservatives with hard-right Reform party by inflaming tensions over immigration

On June 6, 1944 – known forever as D-Day – Allied forces landed in Normandy to begin the liberation of Western Europe from the Nazis. More than 10,000 soldiers were killed, wounded or listed as missing on that day alone. It is a day that represents the triumph of democracy over tyranny. This is what those soldiers died for.

According to Nigel Farage, the arrival of people in small boats on the southern coast of Britain – including many genuine refugees looking for a new home after fleeing war and tyrannical regimes like Afghanistan's Taliban – is comparable to a “slow-motion D-Day in reverse”. The man whose anti-immigration rhetoric helped bring about Brexit is now attempting a similar trick in the hope that the hard-right Reform party will replace the Conservatives.

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There was, Farage wrongly claimed, “no difference” between the Tories and Labour on immigration. It might also be said there was ‘no difference’ between Winston Churchill’s Conservatives and Clement Attlee’s Labour, wartime coalition partners, in their opposition to Hitler’s regime.

Farage’s appalling, twisted misuse of D-Day shows just how low he will stoop.



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