Nicola Sturgeon's memoir: Former First Minister has little to be proud of, with one honourable exception – Scotsman comment

Nicola Sturgeon should indeed be ‘frank' about her regrets

It was, perhaps, former Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie, who came up with the best lines about Nicola Sturgeon’s forthcoming memoir: “I imagine she is leaving the final chapter blank for now. And with a rumoured six-figure advance she can finally buy the motorhome she has always wanted.”

For those who think they know what he’s alluding to, we’d like to stress that Nicola Sturgeon has not been charged in the ongoing police investigation into SNP finances and denies any wrongdoing.

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No title as yet for the book, but that didn’t stop wags coming up with suggestions: “Wrong Walk to Freedom”, “The Audacity of False Hope”, “How I Won the War for Independence Even Though I Didn’t”.

Sturgeon promised to the “frank about my regrets”. She should, we suggest, have many: disappointing her own supporters over independence, presiding over the NHS’s decline, failing to close the educational attainment gap, failing to act as drug-deaths soared, botched ferry contracts, to name but a few. With the honourable exception of the reassuring leadership she showed during Covid, Sturgeon has little to be proud of and much to apologise for.



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