Lynne McCrossan: Beware who’ll prosper from your pictures

A FACE can say a thousand words without the need for a single syllable.

So imagine how you’d feel if you spotted your mug printed on a T-shirt in the supermarket and you hadn’t a scooby how it got there.

It may seem far fetched but it happened to a Scottish fashion student last week.

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One of Nicola Kirkbride’s photos from her online fashion blog made its way on to a canary coloured top hanging for sale in Tesco.

She was alerted to it when someone passed commented on her blog. When Nicola contacted the supermarket giants they had no idea how it happened.

But I’d hazard a guess at the internet. It’s a wonderful place where you can blog, post and upload your life on to various social media sites.

But read the fine print and you could find the very things you are posting no longer belong to you but become the property of the hosting site.

A frightening thought when I think of my friends posting family shots of their kids on Facebook relinquishing the rights to their snaps.

Just because we live online doesn’t mean every thought, outfit, breakfast lunch and dinner needs documented.

And if you disagree, prepare for a large conglomerate to prosper off your picture the next time you pop out for a pint of milk.


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