Lynn O’Rourke: You can’t clear a wardrobe when the sun is shining though

ONE lovely holiday down and a weekend away planned.

There’s a brief stopover at home before we head off again. The washing machine doesn’t know what’s hit it as the entire contents of the suitcase land in it in one afternoon. Packing looms again. I should be getting better at it, but come holiday time, none of us appear to possess clever basics that mix and match, so, despite my best intentions, we trawl around with overstuffed cases and the odd carrier bag or 12.

To make matters worse, I started clearing out my daughter’s wardrobe just before the sunshine struck. You can’t clear a wardrobe when the sun is shining though. Two weeks on and the littlest one keeps rediscovering all the stuff I had bagged up, squeezing herself into it and declaring it her favourite skirt/top/dress ever and why is it in a bin bag Mum?

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