Lynn O’Rourke: If we had started a detox, we’d be almost through it

WE DIDN’T make any new year resolutions in our household this time round, which is great because if you don’t make any, you don’t have to deal with the misery of having to admit defeat, generally by day three.

We are not having a January detox either, which I’m a bit disappointed about now because if we had we’d be almost through it by this stage and I’d be feeling smug. Although I suspect we may have cracked even sooner on that one and reached for the bottle opener by day two. I hope we might have lasted until the evening, but I can’t be certain.

No, I’m hoping to ease myself into a fitter, healthier and more organised 2012, so in all likelihood will need most of January to psyche myself up for it. I’m planning on making a plan. I’m going to read that How To Organise Your Whole Life book this month instead of using it to prop something up. I’m going to rearrange drawers and cupboards in an orderly fashion – no more plastic tubs falling on me as I ram the cereal boxes back in on the way out the door. I’m going to get up earlier and do something constructive, rather than reward myself with a cup of coffee because I made it out of bed before hitting the snooze button for a third time. Now none of these are resolutions, you understand. They are small changes that even I should be able to manage. And I get to stick with the wine.

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