Like the proverbial phoenix, Edinburgh International Film Festival is reborn in a fantastic new form

The first programme of the revived Edinburgh International Film Festival looks tremendous

Two years ago, it seemed like Edinburgh International Film Festival was no more: dead and buried, a part of Scotland’s past. However, like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes of despair, it is back, stronger and more vital than ever. Saved by the hard work of a small group of staff who refused to give in, the revived event has now launched its first programme with world premieres making up about half the films.

The highlights are too many to list here, but include The Outrun featuring Saoirse Ronan; Sunlight, a road movie written, directed and starring the wonderful Nina Conti; and The Radleys, a dark comedy about vampires, with Kelly Macdonald and Damian Lewis. And there’s loads more. Take a look at the programme, you’re sure to be impressed.

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This is a wonderful event and worthy of our support for reasons cultural, economic and social. So put aside your streaming services, rise from your couches and go see a film (or six) the way the director intended – in a proper cinema! As you can probably tell, we can’t wait.

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