Letter from the editor: Time to look at High Street

The idea of bringing traffic back to the High Street in Falkirk is an interesting concept.

For those of us old enough to remember taking their life in their hands trying to cross the road as buses made their way down the main thoroughfare the first reaction may be to dismiss the suggestion.

However, it is definitely a valid proposal and one that needs more discussion and investigation.

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Way back in the 1980s when the pedestrianisation changes were introduced we were told that a ‘vehicle free’ zone would encourage more people into our town centre.

But that was in the days before internet shopping and giant retail parks when the only place to buy anything was from either a mobile shopkeeper who came round the streets with a limited supply of goods or by venturing into the main shopping area.

The change in shopping habits is one that is causing serious repercussions for retailers – and not just the larger names who are the ones leading the charge to encourage us to shop online.

Bringing cars back to even part of the High Street would definitely put businesses back in the ‘shop window’ for potential customers which is welcome.

But issues such as safety and the environmental impact of vehicles returning to a built up area should also be considered.

Here’s hoping this proposal, along with others, will all be given a fair hearing by the working party set up by Falkirk Council to consider revitalising the town centre.

And that decisions can be made ... and quickly.