Leaders: ‘Authorities need to strike right balance’

Many parents will rightly be concerned that an individual with no connection to an Edinburgh school could be found inside a classroom.

The incident at Boroughmuir High will, understandably, lead to questions about whether our schools need greater security, particularly against the backdrop of violent incidents in the united states.

However, we should be careful before rushing towards this conclusion.

Local authorities need to strike a balance.

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We don’t want our schools to be turned into high security complexes, with multiple checks on everyone in the vicinity.

The downsides of this approach would greatly outweigh the actual risks.

While the memory of Dunblane still casts a shadow, the truth is that our schools are very safe for our children and the level of risk is low.

Indeed, someone determined to cause harm is unlikely to be stopped by security guards at the gate, increased CCTV or swipe card entry points.

A council review of local security is the way forward here.

We life in a free, open and safe society and allowing our children to feel this freedom as they grow up is important.

Throwing away these freedoms is not a step to be taken lightly.

Clear criteria is vital

IN the wake of the whole “Incredinburgh” row, some may view the suggestion of increasing Marketing Edinburgh’s agreed funding as, well, incredible.

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The decision is a big one by the council and shows it has faith in what is a battered and bruised organisation to deliver its intended aims.

Hopefully, this marks the turning of a new page in relations between the administration and the 
company as it rebuilds with a new team at the helm following the departure of former chief executive Lucy Bird.

It is vital the two work hand-in-hand to develop the best possible strategy for marketing the Capital to the world.

While the experts need the space to work creatively, the city council has a responsibility to ensure the message that we are paying for gets through – and that everyone is on board from the start.

Yes, they need freedom at arms-length but the marketing team also needs a clear set of criteria so they are left in no doubt about what is 
expected of them.

The job of selling Edinburgh is too important – and too expensive – to get wrong.

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