Leader: Wha’s like us… Sir Sean Connery

HAVING one James Bond on board is a coup; having two spells real trouble for any adversaries.

Scots acting legend Sir Sean Connery has now signed up to the advisory board of the Sea Shepherd – or as he might say, Shea Shepherd – charity, which has a high-profile role in trying to stop the illicit global trade in dolphins, whales and other marine creatures.

He will join fellow former 007 Pierce Brosnan on the board, which also has Batman (Christian Bale) and no less than Captain James T Kirk (William Shatner) around the table.

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At the age of 81, it would have been easy for Connery to sit back and bask in his many past glories, but even as an octogenarian it seems he is ready to play a role in highlighting green issues of worldwide concern, lending his name and gravitas to the charity’s campaigns.

As a Sea Shepherd spokesman said: “With two Bonds, Connery and Brosnan, Sea Shepherd will be an unstoppable force for conservation.”

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