Leader: ‘Enjoy the Andy Murray sporting show about to unfold’

So what will you be doing at 2pm tomorrow? Walking the dog, mowing the lawn, or spending some quality time with your family? Maybe your definition of the latter will stretch to being glued to a television set together and wishing for all you are worth for a piece of history to unfold before your eyes.

If the collective will of a nation counts for anything in sport then surely Andy Murray will realise his undoubted potential 
tomorrow and lift the Wimbledon crown.

Of course, to do that he will have to overcome a man generally considered to be the greatest player ever to pick up a tennis racquet.

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Roger Federer’s powers may be on the wane, but he remains an opponent so formidable that only three men on the planet would be reckoned to have a ghost of a chance against him.

Federer may be the bookies’ favourite, but what odds would they have given, even in April, against an all-Edinburgh Scottish Cup final? Maybe, just maybe, this is our year. But enough of such talk, this score will only be settled on a tennis court in SW19 

Whatever the outcome tomorrow we should all appreciate that we are witnessing one of the golden moments of Scottish sport. Win or lose, Andy Murray has already booked his place in history.

When we look back years from now we will talk of Murray in the same breath as world and Olympic champions Allan Wells, Sir Jackie Stewart and Sir Chris Hoy.

Regardless of tomorrow’s result, could Murray already be ranked the greatest of them all? Certainly a case could be made for a man who is standing toe to toe with the greatest competitors his sport has ever seen.

So, sit down, try to relax as best you can, and enjoy the sporting show that is about to unfold. Football supporters will need no reminder that such moments are rare indeed for Scottish sports fans. Try to 
savour it.

And scream for all you are worth, “C’mon Andy”. It might just make the difference.