Leader comment: Venue revamp welcome

The Queen's Hall in Edinburgh has been playing host to many of the world's top performers on the music scene for nearly four decades.

The Queen's Hall is renowned for its intimate atmosphere - but it could do with an upgrade.

But like many hosts at the end of the evening, it is beginning to show some wear and tear.

To concert-goers, accustomed to newer, or modernised venues, the fine old building is starting to feel slightly dated.

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That’s not to say its atmosphere is not perfect for showcasing some acts – most recently violinist Nicola Benedetti who extolled its unique qualities. While we wouldn’t want to lose that intimacy, new plans to develop the venue look like they would be a welcome improvement.

This would bring the undervalued asset to the fore and ensure it doesn’t get left behind.

It is most certainly a venue which should be “future-proofed” – as well as year-round performances, it is one of the major venues for a number of the city’s festivals including the Edinburgh International Festival.

We wish the proposers well with the funding drive, so the Queen’s Hall can be enjoyed for at least another 40 years.