Leader comment: Treasure hoard should be shared

Given it has been buried out of sight for the best part of a millennium, it is welcome news that scores of glittering highlights from the Galloway Hoard will go on show in a matter of weeks.

One of the objects found among the Viking Galloway hoard.

Since its discovery three years ago, the treasure trove has excited the public imagination. It offers a window on to a fascinating chapter of Scotland’s past. Soon, visitors to the National Museum of Scotland will be able to see it for themselves.

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It is right that such an important find should be given prominence in such a prestigious institution – but the nature of its discovery should encourage all parties involved to seek a compromise which will satisfy people in south-west Scotland.

Galloway is understandably proud of the hoard. It was, after all, buried there for safekeeping. With good reason, its people are aggrieved that Edinburgh has muscled in.

The NMS has proposed the hoard goes on display in Kirkcudbright “from time to time”, but the people of Galloway deserve more. It is their treasure with which to dazzle the world, and – like the Lewis chessmen – part of the collection should have a permanent home in the place where it was found.