Leader comment: Snow in April is too much to bear

It is as well we Scots have a high tolerance of '“ even, in some peculiar cases, an enthusiasm for '“ conversation about the weather.

Already, 2018 has given us much to talk about. The “beast from the east” that brought Scotland to a snowy standstill was the stuff of dreams for the seasoned weather discusser.

And the few unseasonably warm days that came soon after gave those weather conversations a satisfying narrative twist.

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Spring has, allegedly, sprung but this being Scotland the climate continues to pay no heed. Freezing winds in recent days were, we’re now told, the precursor to a possible return of the snowy weather that ground the country to a halt. We like a joke as much as anyone else, but this one isn’t funny. Snow in April? Come off it. Making matters worse is that, if it does come, the snow won’t give children another few days away from the classroom. And parents who’ve booked holidays to coincide stand to lose out, too.

This is almost too much to bear.

Freak snow storms are bad enough but when they come during holidays, their presence is doubly cruel.

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