Leader comment: Rediscovering the optimism of a child

Oh, to live in the world as imagined by children. The six-figure salary, £6,000 holidays and retiral at 56, presumably to travel the world in our yachts.

We're all rich in the minds of children, if not in reality

Fair enough, if everyone was paid so well rampant inflation would probably see the price of a load of bread hit £15 – as the average kid supposes it currently costs – so life might not actually be as good as it sounds. Some economising would be required, maybe just the two trips to the Bahamas a year.

A sad reality check awaits. For many, life will mean working until they’re 68 or older as their wages are snapped up by landlords, mortgage holders, energy companies, transport costs, pension pots and so on.

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But, despite all that, we shouldn’t be too gloomy.

In fact, we could all learn from – rather than laugh at – the younger generation.

It would seem that through a child’s eye, the future looks bright. And, after a decade and counting of austerity, we could do with rediscovering a ‘childish’ sense of optimism and hope about the world.

Who knows, it might just help to create a better one.

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