Leader comment: Get well soon, Sir Alex

Sir Alex Ferguson has more than earned his place among the ranks of great Scots.

Sir Alex Ferguson has undergone emergency surgery for a brain haemorrhage. File picture: Getty Images

His sensational career as a football manager saw him create, in Manchester United, one of the finest teams in the world. And if the side hasn’t maintained its dizzying heights subsequent to his departure, then that only provides more evidence of his brilliance.

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Thrawn, sometimes even rather difficult to deal with, Sir Alex is adored by those players he guided to the top of the game. They see in him a father figure, strict but with their best interests at heart. There’s something rather appealing about his old-fashioned approach, with discipline at its heart.

Today, Sir Alex is desperately ill after surgery following a brain haemorrhage. He has faced many battles but none so important or exhausting as this one. The outpouring of support from across the world of sport and wider society shows just how highly regarded Sir Alex is. We wish him – and those who love him – all the strength they need during this difficult time. Sir Alex is a great, inspiring man and we hope he continues to be just that for a long time to come.