Leader comment: Carbuncle Awards had run their course

The decision to scrap the Carbuncle Awards will be welcomed by the former recipients who have responded to the accolade with a mixed view.

Cumbernauld, a two-time winner of the Carbuncle Award
Cumbernauld, a two-time winner of the Carbuncle Award

Aimed at allowing citizens to vent their frustration at the worst eyesores north of the Border, residents have complained that it has actually made things worse in the towns where they live.

Scotland has a tradition of great architecture, which we celebrate whenever we can, so there should be a place for criticising buildings which are a blot on the landscape, and in particular the design of proposed new buildings. However, instead of highlighting certain buildings, the awards have been seen to target communities and that has made people very unhappy.

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Being told that you live in one of the ugliest towns in Scotland does not do a lot for the morale.

Perhaps that was not the aim, but the Carbuncle Awards caused offence through ridicule, so perhaps the time is right to end the annual event.

What is more, the awards have run their course – just about every place which could have been in the running has already won it.