Kingussie Kong in Edinburgh: Japanese macaque who escaped Highland Wildlife Park looks set to be a big star in the city – Scotsman comment

World-renowned Japanese macaque is being rehomed at Edinburgh Zoo but for how long?

Kong is coming to Edinburgh! And, having escaped his enclosure once before, who’s to say he won’t make another dramatic bid for freedom? However, if you have just started to worry about being snatched up by a giant simian and taken to the very top of Arthur’s Seat, fret not.

For this is not actually the mighty King Kong made real, but ‘Kingussie Kong’, who is an ordinary-sized monkey. More properly called Honshu, the Japanese macaque caused a global media sensation when he broke out of Highland Wildlife Park and spent four nights evading all attempts at recapture, until he was tempted by a Yorkshire pudding.

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It is thought he may have gone on the lam after a dispute within the group, so instead of being reintroduced into a potentially hostile situation, the seven-year-old monkey and three others are being relocated to Edinburgh Zoo. Following the departure of its two pandas, Honshu may prove to be something of a star attraction. However, judging by his expertise at escapology, it might be a good idea to go to see him sooner rather than later.



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