Key Largo or Lower Largo: Don't get confused, but sea swimming can be fun in both places – Scotsman comment

Comedian Sara Pascoe once confessed she went on holiday to Costa Rica, believing it to be in Spain, and that she only realised her mistake after boarding the plane for a 14-hour flight.

Given the similarities between the names Key Largo and Lower Largo and the ease of booking holidays on smartphones – Pascoe explained her trip was bought over lunchtime while crying about a relationship breakdown – it’s not impossible to imagine a few carefree clicks could result in a similar mix-up.

Some confused, shivering and naked tourists just might turn up on Fife village’s beach for a spot of ‘wild swimming’ – as it is now called, or, as it used to be called, ‘swimming’ – in the North Sea. It would be a rather different experience than expected, based on widespread perceptions of the weather in Florida, but not necessarily a bad one.

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We should explain that Lower Largo, one of two spots newly designated as official bathing waters, is listed in The Beach Guide as suitable for naturists. We’re sure our imaginary visitors would not have cast off their clothes without reason.

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Scottish beach where swimmers can bare all joins official bathing waters

For decades, some people in Scotland have become so used to holidays in the sun that this country’s waters are deemed too chilly in comparison. But not that long ago, we thought nothing of it.

Thankfully, the trend for wild swimming has been helping us to rediscover its health benefits and the fun to be had, whatever the weather. So, if they do show up, we hope those lost nudists return home with rave reviews of the refreshingly bracing waters to be found in the far north of Florida.

Key Largo, pictured, is in Florida. Lower Largo is in Fife (Picture: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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