John Gibson: Yes, Deanz meanz the bizness!

With beans, tinned, you got 57 varieties. With Deans you get one. For Leslie Deans, the property and estate specialist for nigh on 40 years, there’s no variation. Straight talking down the line.

Predominantly we talked football over lunch in George Street. As expected. He was chairman of Hearts 1996-99.

“I’ve been on the board since 1994, still go, often with faithful companion Carol, to nearly all the home matches and many away,” Leslie’s saying. “I’ve always been a supporter first, chairman second.”

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While he loves the game and rates Dave Mackay and Willie Hamilton the best players he’s seen, he is wrapped up in his business. Got his law degree in 1972 and his maxims are respect for clients and delivering on promises.

He slips in a good word for the current Mr Hearts, Vladimir Romanov. “He has given Hearts stability, like Tom Farmer has for Hibs, Stewart Milne for Aberdeen. Remember, in 2004 we had huge problems. Different ball game today and I can find nothing but praise for the Edinburgh clubs’ investment in youth at the Tranent and Riccarton training grounds.”

You should write a book, Leslie. ‘‘I just wish I’d kept my diaries,’’ he wept, permitting the steak and ale pie to settle.

Rack and ruin

Gassing about the buses. To be specific, the award-winning Lothian Buses. And in particular, the 26 service.

The city centre shop in Hanover Street had run out of timetables for the 26 and the counter hand apparently wasn’t unduly concerned. “If there are no 26 timetables on the racks, we’ve run out. We can’t say when we’ll have more.”

It was the negative for a week and more.

Lothian Buses sometimes can’t tell the time. And if you can’t find a 26, just walk.