John Gibson: The dragon’s making way for the snake

Snakes alive! The Chinese New Year will be upon us before you can say Charlie Chan and, yes, 2013 will be the Year of the Snake.

I’ve had that confirmed by the scrutable Kenny Chan (no relation), up to a year ago owner of the prestigious Kweilin in Dundas Street, revered by foodies.

After four years Kenny has forsaken the New Town for bumptious Barnton where he has acquired the Royal Dynasty, a Chinese takeaway. He’s saying: “This has been the Year of the Dragon. Now we’re facing the Year of the Snake when we can anticipate ‘the intuitive’ and ‘introspection’.’’

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What Hong Kong-born Kenny’s regulars should anticipate is an additional branch of the Royal Dynasty before long, in Winchburgh. Has he found any significant difference between the New Town clientele and the fine folk at Barnton?

“They’re all nice people.” Mr Chan, perhaps, is in the wrong profession. He should have been in the diplomatic service.

Pigging out

Can’t for the life of me remember where I read it. However, it’s to do with dementia. Researchers say that a drug made from pigs’ brains can relieve the disease.

I’ll settle for one of Graham Kenny’s bacon butties, thank you very much. He has a coffee shop on the Royal Mile but where is it now, exactly? A no-brainer, perhaps.

Afterwords . .

. . . Not too late to stick in a line for the unsung heroes who’ve managed to thaw out. The 213 hardy Hibbies who trekked all the way to the Global Energy Stadium in Dingwall to shout for their team. A trek in vain. How loyal can you get?

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