John Gibson: Stanley’s still the bee’s knees

KNEES ups don’t feature in Stanley Baxter’s festive frolics this year.

It’s the knees, you see. Me and Stanley, we’re mates. He came up from London specifically for my retirement shindig at The Scotsman (now a hotel of sorts) and he was on the line from his London home with couthy seasonal compliments.

Chirpy regardless: “I’ve had one knee replacement and, to be frank, it hasn’t been entirely successful. I’ll be having the other one done. It’s the same age. Then I can start going back to the gym and swimming three times a week. Meantime, I have to hobble along to the Village [lives in Highgate Village] for the paper.”

Not that he’s been lost to viewers. Saturday on BBC2 will see him profiled with his “Many Faces.”

Stanley’s chuffed with this showcase. “The BBC have done me proud and it’s given me a chance to meet up again with Jimmy Gilbert, a cornerstone in my carer. He introduced me to London and to television.”


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Cracker of a job

Employment. Jobs. Unemployment. dole. That’s what it’s all about these days. It’s even sneaking into Lord Provost Donald Wilson’s Christmas reception in the City Chambers.

Here’s a relevant howler I pulled from one of his crackers: How did the human cannonball lose his job? He got fired.

You’ve got to giggle.


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Afterwords . .

. . .Nice people down Porty way. A Christmas Fair in Portobello Town Hall raised £5130 for the Dog and Cat Home just along the road at Seafield.