John Gibson: Nice cuppa is answer to it all

Nice cuppa’s the answer to it all. You can’t beat it. A nice cup of char. It got us through the war. That and Churchill.

We’re getting the reminder from Taylors, the family tea merchants of Harrogate who are vigorously campaigning to restore the traditional tea break as a designated part of the working day.

Two-thirds of the Scots interviewed said they don’t sit and have one, while a third claimed they couldn’t survive the nine to five without the chat over the char.

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Ian Brabbin, head of tea at Yorkshire Tea, says his product is coming from Assam, Rwanda and Kenya. A matter of taste, and he leafs you to judge. There must be reasons to be charfull.

It’s just not fair

Just had a letter from Janet. Janet resides in Thanet in Kent where ten million’s been spent converting an ailing seafront into the world’s first heritage amusement park.

Approved by the Communities Local Government Secretary for the compulsory purchase of Dreamland in mouldering Margate. The site includes Britain’s oldest roller coaster. I thought we had that here in Portobello’s Fun City.

Talking Porty, it’s sad to see the High Street make way for a Sainsbury’s in place of the venerable hardware shop that for years provided a splash of old-fashioned homeliness and colour. So sad.

Afterwords . .

. . . Rantzen ranting again: “While I may be a single old widow, I’m still alive below the neck and, not only do I have happy memories, I still have sexual fantasies.” Well, we’re all relieved to hear that. Esther’s finding Forty Nine Shades fortifying. Good luck with the fantasies, love.