John Gibson: Am I too hard on their heels?

I’ve stood next to Tom Cruise. Well, in his shadow. And height-wise Tom, when you get up close and relatively personal, is a wee bit soul. A comparative smout.

And he had his platforms on. These shoes, built an inch higher than normal for what might be considered the abnormal, are enjoying a comeback. Shoes that remind me of a Hollywood hunk from way back, gunslinger for Westerns Alan Ladd. Poor Alan, he had a problem getting on a horse. He had to stand on a box to get his leg over.

Debenhams report a sales boom in this type of footwear. Ask Simon Cowell, pushed to walk tall. Present-day movie star Danny DeVito hasn’t resorted to “lifts” and I have to say it pains me to mention him and Cowell in the same breath. Deepest apologies, Danny.

One Kind deed

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Ever the caring kind when it’s to do with animals, the Dowager Duchess of Hamilton (to me, Kay Hamilton) hosted a fundraising Burns Supper at the Apex International for the Edinburgh-based animal welfare charity One Kind. The hundred guests raised £3000.

A cause close to Kay’s heart. It was her paternal grandmother’s creation a century ago for the prevention of vivisection and the money will go towards educating children on ending animal cruelty.

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