Janet Christie's Mum's the Word – Springsteen tickets? Someone’s having a laugh

Bruce Springsteen at "Springsteen On Broadway", New York, 2021 Pic: Michael Zorn/ShutterstockBruce Springsteen at "Springsteen On Broadway", New York, 2021 Pic: Michael Zorn/Shutterstock
Bruce Springsteen at "Springsteen On Broadway", New York, 2021 Pic: Michael Zorn/Shutterstock
But Eldest Child is The Boss of dynamic pricing

No-one told me about the jealousy. The feeling you get when your offspring become capable adults and start doing all the things you wanted to do but were too skint/scared/lazy to do - buying vans to turn into campervans so they can take off and live on the road, wearing bodycon dresses, going to festivals, skydiving, driving across the Nullarbor from Perth to Adelaide, all while I’m sitting here working away and fretting about my pension.

But the very worst thing is when they start ticking off MY musical heroes. I’m OK with the ones I’ve seen - who HASN’T seen Iggy Pop naked? - but I hate it when it’s someone I always wanted to watch live but was too mean/poor to shell out for.

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After decades of refusing to buy Rolling Stones tickets on the grounds they already have enough cash, I caved and paid a fortune to see them at Murrayfield pre-covid, swayed by Eldest Child, who said: “Yeah, it’s a rip-off, but they’re not getting any younger and neither are you. This is probably your last chance.” And so it proved, with Charlie Watts no more. Cap that with Middle right beside the stage watching Bob Dylan in Australia then limiting his review of the show to ‘you had to be there really’. Grrrr.

So when Eldest says he and his partner are trying for Bruce Springsteen tickets for Murrayfield I’m spurred to set my alarm and log on for the 9am drop. My pal in Dundee is similarly poised and we’re relating our progress over the phone. After a tense password standoff I’m through and about to buy the tickets when my friend’s partner, Dundee Man, can be heard shouting “not that website… remember Ed Sheeran!” I didn’t know he was a fan, but he works in IT, so I click off. Hello darkness my old friend. Nope, not seen them either.

Then Eldest phones. “Murrayfield’s gone way too expensive - haven’t got that much money, jeez - but I’m about to pay for London at the original price. Are you in?” At up to a third less than some Edinburgh tickets, even with travel and accommodation to pay for (sleeping on the floor of someone Eldest knows maybe - exciting…), you bet. I’ve always wanted to see a gig in Hyde Park. I’m so lucky to have kids that make it happen. But ‘dynamic pricing?’ Someone’s having a laugh.