Inflight Barra beach marriage proposal could start a trend – Scotsman comment

As a crowd of thousands roars in excitement, a life-changing question is put: “Will you marry me?”

Planes flying into the island of Barra famously land on the beach (Picture: Stefan Auth/imageBROKER/Shutterstock)

The answer, of course, is almost invariably “yes”.

Now, this may be a sign that those who take the decision to “pop the question” at half-time during a football match or after being invited on stage by their favourite pop star are as certain as they need to be that their partner does want to get married.

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But there must have been a fair number of people who, in such circumstances, have said “yes” when they would really rather have said “no” or “can I think about it?”

However, aviation enthusiast Jamie Forde a 26-year-old from Yorkshire, came up with a creative way to propose to his girlfriend Anna Pond, that was both public and – reasonably – private.

Flying into the famous beach airstrip on the island of Barra, he asked her to look out the window. And there, written in giant letters in the sand, was the message: “Anna will you marry me?”

He told the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland: "Then I was just sat behind her waiting with the ring awkwardly. She turned round, bright, bright red and said ‘yes.’”

So well done to Jamie for coming up with what must surely be a unique way to propose and which combined an intimate moment with a grand gesture and perhaps achieved the best of both.

Who knows, it could catch on. Will Barra soon become the new Gretna, inundated with romantic couples expectantly – or nervously – looking out the window?


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