Ignore the Kardashians and listen to Jameela Jamil instead – Hayley Matthews

Jameela Jamil is taking a stand on body positivity. Picture: AFP/GettyJameela Jamil is taking a stand on body positivity. Picture: AFP/Getty
Jameela Jamil is taking a stand on body positivity. Picture: AFP/Getty
Jameela Jamil is on my hot list just now. I can’t watch enough of her being interviewed, read enough of her quotes or listen enough to her talking about her passion on body positivity, writes Hayley Matthews.

She’s shaming the ultra famous for pushing slimming products on young girls via social media and is using her voice and platform for great good. She’s got a message and is making sure that anyone and everyone is taking notice and listening to her.

The actress, host, writer and activist started the @i_weigh movement for women (and men) to list their achievements, posting pictures of themselves with a list of what they have achieved and what they stand for, not their weight in pounds. Jameela says on the page, “Hi I’m @jameelajamilofficial this is my @i_weigh movement for us to feel valuable and see how amazing we are beyond the flesh on our bones”.

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She has a mass following and it seems to be growing quickly as more and more people wise up to the fact that weight does not define you as a person.

She has also been successful in highlighting the fact that many celebrities promoting slimming products have not got slim by drinking a special tea, but by using their millions to pay for personal trainers, chefs and an organic diet.

I’ve loved watching her on American TV series Good Place and think that she’s a far cry from her name-dropping, well-dressed and frightfully posh character and is really not afraid to have a laugh. We need more of her in the media. What a breath of fresh air.

Go Jameela and move over Kardashians – Jameela is calling you out!

There’ll be plenty more happy fish in the sea if we switch to chemical-free

I love to hear about anything that will help the environment be cleaner – so when the latest craze of chemical-free clothes washing gadgets was doing the rounds I was hopeful of its promise.

The ecoegg laundry sounded too good to be true but after watching a video on how it works with two different ion pellets I was sold. Anything that keeps water cleaner for our children is something worth investing in.

We bought the 720 washes one online for about £18 and gave it a go. I’ve been using an eco softener although it’s not necessary as the egg softens clothes. I’m genuinely quite surprised and really happy that such an invention is so accessible and the fact it is chemical-free is beneficial to those with skin conditions too. Happier oceans, happier fish and fewer chemicals has to be a bonus. I’ve been telling everyone about my latest discovery. My only tip is to use a stain remover on the armpits, if it’s a stinky top you’re washing, and don’t put too many clothes in your machine and you’ll be fine. I still use soap powder for a boil wash but haven’t had to buy soap powder in a while.

I hope we can expect more widely available chemical-free options in the future for dishwashers, body care and industrial cleaning. Imagine how happy the fish would be then.