I know what Covid can do - and I'll be getting my next jab asap - Steve Cardownie

The blue envelope containing details of my winter vaccination appointment landed on my mat last week. Having taken all the jabs previously on offer I resolved to continue to take on board informed medical advice and will duly turn up to the Gyle Shopping Centre and gratefully receive my Covid-19 and flu vaccines.

I had both administered at the same time last year without any side effects and I see no reason why I should be deterred from doing so again. Despite the false information dispensed by naysayers, the vaccines have been proven to work and have no doubt saved countless lives. Soon after my vaccination last year I contracted Covid-19 but the symptoms were limited to no more than an irritable cough that lasted two days. Had I not had the vaccine I believe that it could have been much worse and, having lost two friends to Covid, I was relieved that my symptoms were mild to say the least.

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As the accompanying booklet to the appointment letter states, vaccines are the best way to help protect you from flu and Covid-19; vaccines can reduce your risk of needing hospital treatment or dying from flu and Covid-19 and vaccines boost your immunity.

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" As protection reduces over time, it is important to have the vaccines when you are offered them,” it adds.

The latest data released on Monday shows there have been 2.09 million cases of Covid-19 in Scotland resulting in 15,546 deaths since the start of the pandemic and, while it may now pose less of a threat, it still has not gone away.

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I have learned first hand what Covid-19 can do and I firmly believe that the offer of vaccinations should be taken up unless there are sound medical reasons for not doing so. Many of the detractors of the vaccination programme have gone quiet of late as the evidence from throughout the world has discredited their warnings and shown that vaccines work.

The next round of Covid-19 vaccination boosters will start this month. (Photo by Jane Barlow - Pool/Getty Images)
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So, if you still harbour doubts about the effectiveness of the vaccines or are concerned about possible side effects, known or unknown, there is no shortage of information from credible sources out there, which is easily accessible and which should allay your fears.