‘Here’s who should play the next James Bond: Satan’

Idris Elba, Cillian Murphy, Richard Madden and host of others have been suggested for the role of James Bond 007, but Jim Duffy has a better idea.

Daniel Craig has been the best-ever James Bond, according to Jim Duffy, who has a leftfield suggestion for the next individual to play the part (Picture: Sony/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc/Danjaq/ LLC/Columbia)
Daniel Craig has been the best-ever James Bond, according to Jim Duffy, who has a leftfield suggestion for the next individual to play the part (Picture: Sony/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc/Danjaq/ LLC/Columbia)

Daniel Craig is the best ever James Bond! He is the undisputed 007 champion of the world. At least that’s my opinion.

He has brought grit, realism, style, emotion and humanity to this colourful character. The movies he has starred in have been awesome, perhaps with a small blip in Quantum of Solace.

But, as his tenure in the role comes to an end, who will be the next person to jump into this very special role? As the runners and riders queue up to play double-oh seven, there is one outlier that may have been overlooked.

For decades now, the Bond franchise has been purring away, churning out not half-bad movies. Who is the best Bond will always be up for debate. Naming the movies in pub quizzes is always a favourite.

Playing a Bond “baddie” has catapulted a few actors – like Robbie Coltrane and Robert Carlyle – to stardom. Appearing as a “Bond girl” can give an actor a boost and lead to greater glories.

But, rather than look at the past for debate, thinking about who will play the next Bond character offers a whole new world of speculation or “Spectration”.

The number one contender at present is Iris Elba. Just for the record, I cannot stand him as an actor. I’m not saying that he is a bad actor, just that he doesn’t float my boat. I thought he was average in RocknRolla alongside Gerard Butler as the hapless and happy-go-lucky rogues who were not very good at stealing.

But, his performances as DCI John Luther in the BBC’s “Luther” turned me off. In many an argument, I suggested to devotees that he over-acted the part. But, for them he aced it and he must now be given a shot at the next Bond. If Elba does get it, good luck too him. But, I will find it difficult to watch as I will constantly be looking for that over-acting the part. So, for me, despite being the bookies favourite, it’s a no. So, who’s up next?

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Another Scot no less... Richard Madden has come from nowhere to become one of the hot favourites to play the part. Madden, who played the character David Budd in the BBC’s Bodyguard series, has many of the qualities needed to play Bond.

He has the quiff in the hair, the jawline that is square and, of course, he knows how to point a gun. Madden looks like a shoo-in for Bond off the back of the Bodyguard success.

But, despite all the buzz around him, I feel he is still a lightweight and needs another five years before he is the real deal. Of course, that will not please many Bond fans or for that matter Bodyguard fans. However, to be clear, I’m not saying no – just not yet.

Up next is Cillian Murphy. I just loved him in Peaky Blinders. Murphy had us transfixed to our screens as he acted out his role as Tommy Shelby in this BBC drama. He has also starred in the big screen in the The Dark Knight. He can be gritty, tough, strategic and shows a big heart on screen. He is in the running to be Bond and I would have him over the first two above.

I think Murphy would continue where Daniel Craig left off. He can ad that raw humanity to the character. Playing Bond is not just about funny quips and a hot body. The 21st century Bond must expose his soft underbelly as well as his fascinating new Aston Martin.

So, Murphy in my book has a shot. And the bookies agree as they have slashed his odds on making the cut.

But, for all the actors who have been thrown up – including Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston – there is one actor who has been overlooked.

He does not make the shortlists in many a Google-researched article. But, he is quietly treading the boards, while building his career in Hollywood. It is now time to reveal my pick for the new James Bond. An outsider with massive potential. He has the looks, the stature and the personality to carry it off.

Allow me to introduce, Lucifer, aka actor Tom Ellis.

For any of you who are Lucifer fans, you will appreciate that Ellis is developing a star quality. He can be very funny, causing me to laugh out loud as he solves all sorts of hideous, yet ludicrous crimes in the Netflix and Amazon Prime series.

For those who have not watched Lucifer, Ellis plays the devil who pops up in Los Angeles and joins the LAPD as a consultant to help solve crimes.

The plots are a bit like Scooby Doo endings, but they are funny, entertaining and binge-worthy. Ellis commands this role and has just had a fourth season. He has kept fit, has had a go at on screen scraps, knows how to down a vodka martini and has massive big brown eyes that will have all the boys and girls swooning when he dons Bond’s white tuxedo. In my opinion, he is a shoo-in and I do hope the Bond Franchise folks give him due consideration.

In a world of crazy politics and binary confusions, who plays the next Bond is vitally important. The UK’s security will become important if we leave the European Union. So having a great 007 agent out there keeping us safe form all forms of “wrong-uns” is paramount. We need a strong James Bond, who is adaptable, vulnerable and fixated on the bad guys. Step up Tom Ellis... your country needs you!