A generation looking for a more meaningful answer

THE results show individuals want to use this time in their life to shed old ways of being and want to grow out of their comfort zones by venturing out and trying new things.

At this age they are realising that they will regress and stagnate in their personal growth and development if they don’t do something different by exposing themselves to different people or to different hobbies.

By this age, people are wise enough to know the specific value of material items and gestures and have a heightened awareness around the fact that a deeper level of activities provide a more fulfilling impact and benefit to oneself.

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Individuals who feel like they haven’t lived life to the full and who may be feeling bored, trapped or suffocated by the routine of life may turn to extravagant outward gestures to realise and feel a sense of freedom, glamour and acknowledgement.

However, the majority who have lived their lives to the full and do not feel the need for this acknowledgement, freedom and glamour warm towards deeper, more meaningful activities that create more of a positive impact on the internal state and feeling as opposed to an outward gratification.

By this age a lot of adults gain more independence as their children have grown up and are living their own lives.

Also, a lot of people in this generation are healthy, fit and full of vitality and therefore would like to invest their energy into areas of betterment as opposed to superficial luxuries that have a shorter impact on feelings of self worth, morale and confidence.

People of this age group know the factors that contribute to making them feel good and the factors that don’t make them feel good. They care less about other people’s opinions and do not use these opinions as barometers of their own self worth and esteem.

l Mamta Saha is a lifestyle psychologist