General election: Boris Johnson may win because of Labour and Lib Dem ineptitude – Kenny MacAskill

As a general election looms, Kenny MacAskill gets the sense that Boris Johnson’s Conservatives could emerge as the biggest party simply because the UK opposition party leaders are inept and out of their depth.

The Union Jack is there, but wheres Boris Johnson at UK-Luxembourg press conference? And did anyone notice Corbyn in Scotland, wonders Kenny MacAskill (Picture: Joshua Sammer/Getty Images)

It’s said governments lose elections rather than oppositions win them. As Boris Johnson lurches around Europe, outshone by the Irish Taoiseach and savaged by the Luxembourg premier, he’s certainly doing his bit.

Sadly, the overwhelming need to remove this Government is threatened by the opposition’s ineptitude. That the Tories should even be ahead in the polls never mind clearly in the lead is truly an indictment.

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Yet Corbyn came to Scotland last week and not only did no one care but no one noticed. With an election imminent, that he’s treated with such disdain and disinterest speaks volumes.

Labour’s position on both Brexit and Indyref2 being as clear as mud and even then dependent on who you speak too. Little surprise that they’re tanking north of the border.

As Corbyn is untrustworthy, Jo Swinson’s out her depth. Taking positions that are illiberal and undemocratic and hardly espousing moderation, all narrated in a bombastic and hectoring manner. As Labour has obfuscated to keep together, the Lib Dems are veering to the right to justify their past shameful actions when in coalition and satisfy new Tory converts. She may be echoed by Willie Rennie but it’s not the party of Jo Grimmond or even David Steel that many respected.

Which leaves the SNP. This will be a Brexit election and they’re wise to focus on that – to address the issue the electorate is voting on. Everyone knows they stand for independence but that will be for a later vote.

In the interim though, hopefully south of the border people come to their senses.