From the archive: Sweeping successes by French patriots - 23 August, 1944

AN OFFICIAL communique from General Koenig’s Headquarters yesterday stated that the Paris FFI (French Forces of the Inierior), supported by light artillery, have attacked the Germans in the Place de la Republique and the Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, with losses on both sides.

The last traces of enemy resistance are being cleared up. The Germans are evacuating the Cher Department. The German commander at Annecy surrendered to the FFI, unconditionally. During the fighting which liberated the Indre, 150 Germans were killed and 150 taken prisoners between La Chatre and Chateauroux. In the Loire, the FFI have taken Loshes and Blois. In Herault the FFI have taken possession of all the Gestapo archives. At Carnaux, Tarn, 200 Germans have been killed, 100 taken prisoner, and an enemy plane shot down.