From the archive: Scottish Travel Association - 30 September, 1939

At A meeting of the Executive Committee of the Scottish Travel Association, it was decided to keep the association in existence, although with a reduced staff, during the war so that with the cessation of hostilities, the association may be in a position to resume normal activities.

It is felt it would be calamitous were the result of eight years’ work to be lost. The records compiled during that period, and the organisation so laboriously built up, should be conserved. There is work for the association even in war-time. It is almost certain the English public will be more in need of holidays next year, and might well be influenced by the association to consider the advantages of Scotland. Further, the film library of the association is still in demand and continues to spread a knowledge of Scotland, and the Dominion and Colonial troops who may soon be in the United Kingdom will welcome advice on how to see Scotland.