From the archive: Catering wages - 5 March, 1949

A STATEMENT by the Scottish divisional committee of the British Hotels and Restaurants Association says that licensed hotels and restaurants throughout Britain are to try to get “complete revision” of what the association describes as the “factory regulations” of the Catering Wages Board.

Mr Douglas Gluckstein, chairman of the British Hotels and Restaurants Association staff relations committee, said: “We shall put forward new proposals which we believe will be fairer all round.” Mr Phillips, Scottish Highland Hotels, suggested it should be permitted to contract out of the order where desired by employer and staff. Support for the recent expression of opinion by the Scottish Tourist Board that Scotland should have a separate Catering Wages Board came in a resolution from Mr R McDonald. Mr DC Grant, Glasgow, who presided, said a separate Scottish board would take two years to set up by which time the industry would be bankrupt.