Fiona Duff: How to save? Complain about everything

As most of us know, every so often it is necessary to have a good old overhaul of finances. To say that I am a
 tad slip shod doesn’t really hit the mark.

Having signed up for a gym last June I went two or three times a week that month and haven’t darkened their doorstep again. However, just over £50 is still extracted from my bank account each month as I can’t even be bothered to cancel the membership.

It appears all I need to do is stop the direct debit. There is, however, a slight problem. I went into the bank earlier this week and ended up being rather annoyed at something for which they charged.

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Miss Misery behind the counter didn’t really need to feel the force of my ire, but she was the nearest person wearing a Clydesdale Bank badge. At the end of the rant, I turned for the door and, as a parting shot, said: “No wonder this company is in so much trouble.”

At home I realised that they hadn’t even given me what I actually required. So I phoned customer services and complained. The right documents are being posted to me, gratis.

So that’s the way to save money – just complain. I have so often been in awe of fellow diners who moan about service and quality with the result being that their bill is slashed.

There are people who question every parking ticket and, with resolution, usually have about half of them overturned. The cost of stamps may have rocketed, but still a lot cheaper than the £30 that City of Edinburgh demands.

In the meantime, I need to find a disguise. No doubt all the tellers will have seen the CCTV footage of me so they may not feel inclined to help in the slightest.

But I will have £50 a month more in my account.