Energy companies' 'customer service' is often little more than a fairy tale – Scotsman comment

If your fairy godmother isn’t moonlighting at the energy firm, you may have to wait a while to get help

Once upon a time, a customer had a problem with her electricity bill, so she called for help. Just three rings later, her fairy godmother, who, by chance, happened to be moonlighting for the energy company answered the phone. “Hello, customer service, how can I help you?” she trilled. “Well, I found this number prominently displayed on the front page of your website and I’ve got a problem with my bill.”

“Oh, yes, I’ve pulled up your account and can see exactly where we’ve gone wrong, just bear with me… there, that’s all sorted now. Many apologies.” “Really? That’s it?” “Yes, everything is fine now.” And the customer lived happily ever after. The End.

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It’s not even plausible as a fairy tale, is it? Instead, the reality is usually of endless hours trying to speak to someone, being passed from pillar to post and, occasionally, abruptly disconnected. In one case highlighted by consumer watchdog Which?, a customer spent 43 hours on the phone and sent 24 emails over the course of a year. Some energy firms’ use of the term ‘customer service’ is just make-believe.



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