Edinburgh Festival Fringe's future looks brighter with Brian Cox rounding up US talent – Scotsman comment

The US Keep it Fringe initiative will help pay for US acts to attend the Fringe Festival next year

Get ready! The Americans are coming. OK, so some do already travel across the Pond to appear at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, but with Succession sensation Brian Cox fronting a $350,000 fundraising campaign to help pay for US acts to come over in 2025, you can bet your bottom dollar there are going to be a whole lot more.

Dundee-born Cox said that the US Keep it Fringe initiative was designed to “encourage the next generation of emerging US talent at the Fringe, ensuring that a spirit of adventure and collaboration can continue”. He added that “as a Scottish performer who lives in the US, I’m doubly invested in this project to strengthen the cultural bond between our two countries”.

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If the Fringe can become a showcase for US performers hoping to make a name for themselves – with even a fraction of its UK influence – the possibilities are huge because of the size of the potential audience. More American acts are likely to bring more American visitors. After the disruption of the Covid years, the future's looking brighter.



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