Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Mary, Queen of Rock! sounds like a hoot, but are you brave enough? – Scotsman comment

A time-bending rock opera set in 16th-century Scotland could be amazing or go spectacularly wrong but that’s all part of the fun of the Fringe

Do you hear the words “rock opera” and run a mile? Have you been forever scarred by overly ambitious Fringe shows of the past? Do you have literally no sense of fun and adventure? Well then, you may want to look away now because Mary, Queen of Rock! is coming to this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

“The year is 1561. The Scottish Reformation has enforced an outright ban on rock 'n' roll. Cue the arrival of Mary Stuart... the undisputed Queen of Rock! With the Scottish nobles and her cousin in England against her, can Mary get the country rocking? Or will heads roll?” says the blurb.

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Sounds like a hoot. Although, having seen a fair few Fringe shows but knowing next to nothing about this particular one, we think it’s probably fair to say that it could be anything from absolutely fantastic to the worst show ever to ‘so bad it’s actually good’ in a sort of William McGonagall-style way. And that, we reckon, is all part of the fun of the Fringe. Be brave.



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