Drumlanrig: Salmond | Goldie | McLeish’s choice

Salmond’s cack-handed attempt to cure yipsTHAT lover of the links Alex Salmond was photographed on the golf course again last week, gallantly kissing the hand of the professional lady golfer Kylie Walker.

Former Tory leader Annabel Goldie is loving being out on the campaign trail. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Even more gallantly, Salmond took a few putting hints from the Dutch and German Ladies’ Open winner.

Drumlanrig couldn’t help noticing that Salmond has adopted a cack-handed putting grip (right hand below left for the right-hander). A cack-handed grip is a common technique for those plagued by the “yips” – a distressing psychological condition that makes a golfer incapable of hitting a short putt without twitching uncontrollably and sending the ball shooting past the hole. One hopes young Kylie was able to offer Salmond some tips on sinking tricky four-footers.

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A little quip goes a long way

JACK McConnell was reminded of former French president Nicholas Sarkozy, who went to all sorts of lengths to disguise his diminutive stature, when he spoke at a Better Together event yesterday.

“I feel like president Sarkozy,” said McConnell as he stepped on to a box to help him peek over a lectern in the Holyrood Hotel. “I hope I don’t get into the same trouble,” Jack the lad couldn’t help adding. McConnell didn’t specify what sort of trouble – whether it was Sarkozy’s complicated love life or the corruption allegations he faces.

Forgetful Goldie has her dance card marked

FORMER Tory leader Annabel Goldie is loving being out on the campaign trail.

Her experience has been quite unlike Jim Murphy, who was subjected to foul-mouthed and aggressive barracking from a gang of independence supporters in Motherwell last week.

When asked about her experience on the stump, Bella claimed to have “gone down a storm” in Strathaven.

She also claimed that “a wee chap called Jimmy Snooks asked me if I remembered having a wee dance with him back in Clydebank”.

To wee Jimmy Snooks’s disappointment, Baroness Goldie’s memory failed her and she was unable to recall their encounter.

Yes or No, does McLeish matter that much?

WHETHER former Labour first minister Henry McLeish will declare in favour of a Yes vote is fast becoming one of the more tedious sagas of the referendum campaign. On a BBC radio show on Friday, the bold Henry said he was still voting No. Then in the same breath he coquettishly added that voting No was becoming increasingly difficult.

Better Together director Blair McDougall then tweeted that an impeccable source had told him the former first minster would endorse Yes tomorrow. “Absolute rubbish,” responded Henry.

The confusion surrounding McLeish’s voting intentions led to another former first minister Jack McConnell being asked yesterday where was Henry and what was he doing? “I’ve no idea,” said McConnell – an answer that might equally come from Henry.