Donald Trump’s second job lands him in more than one spot of bother – leader comment

As Scottish golf course owners go, this Donald Trump seems a bit controversial.

Donald Trump's Turnberry hotel and its links with US military staff and Prestwick Airport are under investigation by Congress.

Turns out he may have been using his second job as US President to help boost his loss-making ‘Trump Turnberry’ resort. He, of course, denies this and who would doubt him, given his reputation?

Strangely, the addition of his name to one of Scotland’s most famous courses hasn’t produced a rush of people eager for his hospitality, although a few US military personnel seem to be.

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The growing scandal over Donald Trump and Prestwick Airport – Martyn McLaughlin

Meanwhile, it’s reported that Trump’s decision to unexpectedly reveal classified US intelligence to senior Russian officials prompted the CIA to withdraw its top spy in Moscow, fearing his cover might be blown.

Vladimir Putin may have helped get Trump elected and Trump may be trying to get Russia reinvited to the G7 summit, but any suggestion he’s a Russian stooge is surely ridiculous. Isn’t it?

Then there’s the row about whether a hurricane might hit Alabama (Trump: yes, weather forecasters: no, hurricane: no).

We feel sure he meant well, even if others think he’s a possibly traitorous buffoon who can’t read a map.