On this day: The Vietnamese War ended

Events, birthdays and anniversaries for 30 April

Communist troops head for the centre of Saigon on this day in 1975 as the Vietnam war finally came to an end. Picture: AFP
Communist troops head for the centre of Saigon on this day in 1975 as the Vietnam war finally came to an end. Picture: AFP

National day of Netherlands.

1772: The dial weighing machine was patented by John Clais.

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1789: George Washington was inaugurated as the first president of the United States on the balcony of New York’s Federal Hall, with John Adams as vice-president.

1803: United States purchased Louisiana from France. The deal was completed by president Thomas Jefferson – and the cost worked out at a little under three cents an acre.

1804: Shrapnel was first used in warfare, by the British against the Dutch in Surinam.

1891: An Comunn Gàidhealach was formally instituted.

1906: For ease of identification, numbers were given to bus routes in London.

1919: First World War peace conference granted German concession in Shantung, China, to Japan, whereupon China left the conference.

1938: The cup final from Wembley, shown on the BBC, was the first football match to be televised live in Britain.

1945: Adolf Hitler shot himself in his bunker beneath the chancellery in Berlin. His wife, Eva Braun, whom he had married the previous day, died beside him by taking a cyanide pill.

1958: First London performance of My Fair Lady musical.

1964: BBC2 began transmission.

1966: First regular cross-Channel hovercraft service was started between Ramsgate and Calais.

1973: Four of president Richard Nixon’s aides resigned in Watergate affair.

1975: The Vietnamese War ended – the longest conflict in the 20th century.

1980: Queen Juliana abdicated as Queen of the Netherlands in favour of her daughter Beatrix.

1980: Armed terrorists took 20 hostages in Iranian Embassy in London and threatened to blow it up if their demands were not met.

1982: United Nations Law of the Sea Conference adopted convention to govern the use and exploitation of seas and seabeds.

1986: Soviet Union admitted a nuclear reactor was ablaze at Chernobyl – four days after the event.

1990: Ten airmen killed when RAF Shackleton plunged into hillside on Harris.

1992: The death toll in the Los Angeles riots stood at 58 with hundreds more injured and scores of buildings and shops destroyed.

1993: While playing in a tournament in Germany tennis star Monica Seles was stabbed by a spectator claiming to be a Steffi Graf fan.

1995: Stephen Hendry won the Embassy World Snooker Championship for the fourth time in a row, his fifth triumph in six years, beating Nigel Bond.

1999: A neo-fascist group, the White Wolves, claimed responsibility after a nail-bomb killed three people and injured more than 130 others in a gay pub in London’s Soho.

2004: US media released graphic photos of American soldiers abusing and sexually humiliating Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

2007: Five men who plotted to kill hundreds of people with a 600kg fertiliser bomb were jailed for almost 100 years at the end of the longest terror trial held in Britain.

2014: Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams was arrested over the IRA abduction and killing of mother of ten Jean McConville in Belfast in 1972.


Kirsten Dunst, actress, 33; Dickie Davies, television sports presenter, 82; Leslie Grantham, actor, 68; King Carl Gustaf XVI of Sweden, 69; Tony Harrison, poet, 78; Willie Nelson, American country singer, 82; Emma Pierson, actress, 34; Baron Sanderson of Bowden, chairman, Scottish Conservative Party 1990-93, 82; Bobby Vee, singer, 72; Burt Young, actor, 75; Cloris Leachman, actress, 89; Merrill Osmond, singer and bassist (The Osmonds), 62; Dianna Agron, actress, 29; Leigh Francis (aka Avid Merrion and Keith Lemon), comedy performer, 42.


Births: 1662 Queen Mary II, wife of William III; 1822 Hannibal Goodwin, Episcopalian minister, pioneer of celluloid roll film; 1723 Mathurin Jacques Brisson, zoologist; 1870 Franz Lehár, Hungarian composer (The Merry Widow); 1883 Jaroslav Hasek, Czechoslovak author (The Good Soldier Schweik); 1893 Joachim von Ribbentrop, politician; 1926 Janey Buchan, Glasgow-born MEP 1979-94; 1944 Jill Clayburgh, American actress.

Deaths: 1883 Édouard Manet, Impressionist painter; 1912 Wilbur Wright, aviation pioneer; 1936 Alfred Housman, poet and scholar; 1941 Edwin Porter, film director; 1943 Beatrice Webb, writer and socialist; 1945 Adolf Hitler, Nazi dictator (suicide; with Eva Braun, whom he had married the previous day); 1972 Gia Scala, film actress; 1985 Sir Max Aitken, newspaper publisher; 1994 Roland Ratzenberger, Formula One racing driver; 2009 Maurice Lindsay, Glasgow-born broadcaster, writer and poet.