On this day: Marilyn Monroe married Arthur Miller

Events, birthdays and anniversaries for 29 June

On this day in 1956 Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe married the playwright Arthur Miller. Picture: Getty

1312: Holy Roman Emperor Henry VII was crowned.

1613: Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London was burned down.

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1767: Britain passed the Townshend Revenue Act, enabling the levy of taxes on USA.

1786: More than 500 Highlanders landed in Glengarry County, Ontario after emigrating from Scotland to settle in Canada.

1801: Britain’s first census showed a population of 8,872,000.

1855: The Daily Telegraph was published in London for the first time, price twopence.

1871: Labour unions in Britain achieved guaranteed legal recognition, by act of Parliament.

1895: The foundation stone of London’s Westminster Cathedral was laid.

1912: Fifth Olympic Games opened in Stockholm.

1914: Jina Guseva made an assassination attempt on Grigori Rasputin in Siberia.

1916: The Irish revolutionary, Sir Roger Casement, was sentenced to death for treason.

1921: Suzanne Lenglen defeated Elizabeth Ryan 6-2, 6-0 in the 34th Wimbledon ladies singles final.

1934: Henry Cotton carded 283 at Royal St George’s Golf Club to win the 69th Open Championship.

1939: The aircraft “Dixie Clipper” completed the first transatlantic passenger flight, from New York to Lisbon.

1943: Germany began the withdrawal of u-boats in the North Atlantic in anticipation of the Allied invasion of Europe.

1949: South Africa began implementing Apartheid by ruling that there were to be no mixed marriages.

1956: Marilyn Monroe married Arthur Miller, the playwright.

1956: Charles Dumas became the first high jumper to clear 7ft during the Olympic trials in Los Angeles.

1958: Brazil defeated host nation Sweden 5-2 in the world Cup final.

1960: BBC Television Centre opened in London.

1962: Vickers’ long-range aircraft, the VC10, made its maiden flight from Brooklands, Surrey.

1964: Following an 83-day filibuster in the US Senate, the Civil Rights Act, 1964 was passed.

1966: Hanoi, North Vietnam’s capital, and Haiphong, its principal port, were bombed by US for the first time in the Vietnam War.

1967: Israel defied international protests and united divided city of Jerusalem for first time in two decades, after victory in Six-Day War.

1967: Keith Richards was sentenced to one year of imprisonment for a drugs offence.

1974: A military coup overthrew emperor Haile Selassie and Ethiopia was declared a republic.

1994: Tomiichi Murayama was elected premier of Japan.

2002: Naval clashes between South Korea and north Korea led to the deaths of six South Korean sailors and the sinking of a North Korean vessel.

2006: The US Supreme Court ruled that president George W Bush’s plan to try Guantanamo Bay detainees in military tribunals violated US and international law.

2008: Transsexual Thomas Beatie, the world’s first pregnant man, gave birth to a daughter in Oregon. He had kept his female reproductive organs when he legally became a man following hormone treatment ten years earlier.

2010: Scotland’s roads were branded the most dangerous in Britain, according to a report by the Road Safety Foundation.


Katherine Jenkins OBE, mezzo-soprano, 35; Mark Radcliffe, DJ, 57; Charlotte Bingham, playwright and novelist, 73; Gary Busey, actor, 71; Amanda Donohoe, actress, 53; Zuleikha Robinson, actress, 38; Nicole Scherzinger, singer, 37; Paul Zenon, television magician, 51; Colin Hay, Kilwinning-born musician and actor, 62; Robert Evans, film producer, 85; Ian Paice, drummer (Deep Purple), 67; Sean Patrick O’Malley, US catholic cardinal and Archbishop of Boston, 71; John Dawes OBE, Wales rugby union captain, 75.


Births: 1577 Peter Paul Rubens, artist; 1858 George Washington Goethals, builder of Panama Canal; 1861 William James Mayo, US physician and co-founder of Mayo clinic; 1868 George Ellery Hale, astronomer; 1917 David Donaldson, Painter and Limner to the Queen in Scotland; 1919 Slim Pickens, US actor; 1928 Ian Bannen, Airdrie-born actor.

Deaths: 1520 Montezuma II, Aztec emperor; 1861 Elizabeth Barrett Browning, poet; 1921 Lady Randolph Churchill; 1933 Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, silent movie actor; 1940 Paul Klee, painter; 1967 Jayne Mansfield (Vera Jayne Palmer), actress; 1968 Kitty Kelly, US actress; 1990 Irving Wallace, author; 1995 Lana Turner, actress; 1996 Albert (Cubby) Broccoli, film producer; 1997 William Hickey, US actor; 1999, Allan Carr, US stage and screen producer; 2002, Rosemary Clooney, US singer; 2003 Katharine Hepburn, actress.