On this day: James Earl Ray jailed for Martin Luthar King murder

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On this day in 1969 James Earl Ray pleaded guilty to murdering civil rights leader Martin Luther King
On this day in 1969 James Earl Ray pleaded guilty to murdering civil rights leader Martin Luther King

1624: England declared war on Spain.

1801: First British Census began.

1814: Napoleon Bonaparte was forced to withdraw at Battle of Laon, France.

1863: Edward, Prince of Wales, married Alexandra of Denmark. The day before, Queen Victoria took Edward and his bride to Prince Albert’s mausoleum where she solemnly announced: “He gives you his blessing.”

1886: Cruft’s Dog Show, organised by Charles Cruft, general manager of a dog biscuit firm, moved to London. All 600 entries were terriers. The first show took place in Newcastle in 1859.

1893: French colonies of French Guinea and Ivory Coast were formally established.

1906: Bakerloo Line on London’s Underground opened.

1910: The first film made in Hollywood was released, DW Griffiths’s In Old California.

1915: The Battle of Neuve Chapelle began.

1935: Hitler renounced the Versailles Treaty of 1919 and ordered conscription in Germany.

1942: Rangoon, Burma, fell to Japanese forces.

1952: Soviet Union proposed four-power conference on unification and disarmament of Germany.

1961: Bradshaw Monthly Railway Guide was published for the last time. It had been in existence since 1839.

1969: James Earl Ray pleaded guilty to murdering American civil rights leader Martin Luther King and was jailed for 99 years.

1977: The rings of the planet Uranus were seen for the first time when it passed in front of a star.

1988: The Prince of Wales narrowly escaped death in an avalanche at Klosters, Switzerland. Major Hugh Lindsay, a former equerry to the Queen, was killed and Mrs Patty Palmer-Tomkinson was seriously injured.

1989: About 100,000 workers moved into Iraq’s war-battered southern port of Basra to hasten reconstruction of what once was called the “Venice of the East”.

1990: Observer journalist Farzad Bazoft was sentenced to death in Iraq as an alleged spy. He was executed five days later.

1991: 500,000 people rallied in Moscow in support of the Russian president, Boris Yeltsin.

1992: Norman Lamont, the chancellor, announced a new income tax band of 20p in the pound for the first £2,000 of taxable income.

1995: The Scottish Labour Party conference backed Tony Blair’s proposal to scrap Clause 4 on common ownership by a large majority.

2008: A Met Office expert claimed that Scotland would be hit by an increase in flash floods due to climate change.

2009: The Prince of Wales was accused of “exploiting people” with a detox product in his “Duchy” range by a leading academic who branded the product “a dangerous waste of money”.

2010: It was revealed that sales of Buckfast tonic wine had soared by 40 per cent in the past year in England due to youths copying the hard-drinking antics of Scottish teenagers.