Commonwealth Games 2022: Scotland's well-dressed sporting stars are already heroes – Scotsman comment

It promises to be not only a “festival of thrilling, fast-paced sport”, but also a “chance to celebrate a global community” and “bring people together”.
The Commonwealth outfits have been revealedThe Commonwealth outfits have been revealed
The Commonwealth outfits have been revealed

In these troubled times, the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games has suitably high ideals and we feel sure our national representatives will be taking part in the finest spirit of sporting competition with the other nations.

As excitement builds, with just over a month to go before the action begins, Team Scotland has revealed its uniform for the opening day parade.

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It may be hard for most of us to understand the emotions of the sportspeople preparing to represent their country, but the parade of competitors from all around the world will surely be a special, memorable moment for them and one that highlights the ethos of an event known as the “Friendly Games”.

For some, it may be a stepping stone to the Olympics; for others, competing for their national team will be a victory in its own right. That team kit will be proudly cherished for years to come.

Thankfully, unlike the last Olympics, spectators will be able to attend these Games and, given their proximity, there is a chance to turn Birmingham’s arenas into a little corner of Scotland and convey something like home advantage to Team Scotland.

We wish them best of luck and hope they realise what a special thing it is that they have already achieved. Whatever happens, whatever our standing on the medal table, they are already sporting heroes.



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