Comment: Grammar purists need to get with the program

So, the thing about the English language is that it's always changing. And when something changes, someone is always going to be unhappy.

Some of us might find the increased use of Americanisms awesome, others - such as the Radio 4 presenter John Humphrys who rages against the current vogue for starting sentences “So…” - are infuriated.

But those who cling to old grammar rules (and would never begin a sentence with “but”) are losing a battle with reality.

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A study by Cambridge and Lancaster Universities found that we’re Geincreasingly comfortable with split infinitives. It found other things, too - such as an increased tendency to begin sentences with “Like”.

Language “purists” will rage against these changes, but in doing so they ignore the fact that English evolved over centuries to become (some time in the 1930s, by our reckoning) the language we know today.

Dr Claire Dembry, who helped set up the study, makes the very good point that those who are learning it should be taught it as it is now used, rather than how it appeared in arcane text books. Like, we totally agree.