Climate change: Make home insulation a great national crusade – Brian Wilson

The Committee on Climate Change produced a report this week that spelt out the harsh realities of our efforts to meet net-zero carbon emission targets. In short, the UK and its component parts are not doing terribly well.

This is not because targets are unambitious – quite the contrary. We are world-leaders in target-setting and, in some respects, notably a transition to renewable energy, are doing quite well. In others, the gap between targets and reality is far too wide.

There are 300 recommendations for the UK Government and devolved administrations. In order to deliver them, the whole machinery of government has to pull in the same direction. There is absolutely no reason for Whitehall and Edinburgh not to be working hand in glove.

Failures highlighted by the report include the record on insulating homes which is really poor by European standards. This is now all the more urgent because of the explosion in energy costs.

Improving insulation would be good for climate change as well as people's bank balances and physical health (Picture: Adobe Stock)

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This could also be a substantial job creator but we need to ensure that money is used effectively. There have been too many dodgy schemes and fly-by-night contractors. People are rightly wary unless there is an absolute guarantee that the job will be done well.

Home insulation has the potential to be a national crusade which ticks every box – warmer homes, better health, lower bills, useful jobs. It also needs quality guarantees. In this respect at least, the views of the Committee on Climate Change can be acted upon without delay and to everyone’s advantage.


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