Climate change: How Scotland has achieved much to celebrate in the last five years – Dr Richard Dixon

As a campaigner I am always after more. As soon as we win something, we want the next thing, and in the face of an existential threat as big as climate change, no response from government is ever really going to be good enough.

But on the eve of the election, it is worth pausing to remember that the last five years have seen some remarkable progress, with credit due to many individual MSPs who have listened and acted to get better decisions and better legislation.

On climate, who can forget 25,000 people marching through Edinburgh in September 2019 to rally outside Parliament, resulting in a big, last-minute tightening of the targets in the new Climate Act?

The last five years also saw 60,000 people say no to fracking and nearly 40 protest groups campaigning across the country, leading to Parliament voting to ban fracking, then an official moratorium on fracking and eventually a policy ban, despite a legal challenge from global firm Ineos.

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