Brexit: A few 'juicy reminders' of what it will do to Scotland – Christine Grahame MSP

Scotland has to choose between more Brexit chaos and regaining our place as an independent European nation, writes Christine Grahame MSP.

Scotland has to choose between more Brexit chaos and regaining our place as an independent European nation, writes Christine Grahame MSP.

Hands up, I confess I am a politician. Second confession, I am sick and tired of Brexit. Third confession, I am cheesed off (polite word) with Westminster.

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Three years on and the Mother of All Parliaments dances on the heads of proverbial pins. The Tory Government fiddles while Rome burns with folk struggling against punitive benefit ‘reforms’ and with the exponential growth of food banks.

The opposition is led (?) by the vacillating Jeremy Corbyn who frankly should spend more time with his vegetables (he will need them as supplies decrease when we are out of the EU).

Jo Swinson, leader of one of the smallest opposition parties in the Commons, is given more airtime than the third-largest party, yes the SNP, by the UK media.

Mind you, she may rue the day she tied her team to revoking the referendum result come what may. Won’t go down well in the Home Counties where she needs to capture Tory votes. I think she is carried away with her increased numbers due almost entirely to Tory defectors.

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Mind you, they should feel quite at home under her leadership as she voted for Tory reductions on welfare benefits and the bedroom tax.

Boris now supports a border down the Irish Sea, which he vowed he would never do. Another promise broken. No wonder the DUP are hopping mad. If they do come round, watch out for a second big fat brown envelope to them.

It’s important to recall that Northern Ireland, like Scotland, voted Remain, though you would never know that from the to-ings and fro-ings at Westminster and I’m afraid that this is just the beginning once and if Westminster has resolved matters one way or another by voting some deal through or reopening the whole shebang.

There should, of course, have been a general election long before now. I’m plumping for that. Jeremy prevaricates, mainly because (a) he might lose and (b) he might win and then have to pick up the cudgels and negotiate. What a thought – Boris or Jeremy?

England a close friend and neighbour

For me, Scotland has a third choice. In 2014 we were told in no uncertain terms that it would be Hellfire and Damnation if we voted to be independent. We would be thrown out of the EU, pensioners would lose their pensions, become sworn enemies to England and yadedahdedah.

Well, we are being dragged out of Europe despite voting remain by 62 per cent, pensioners have the among the worst pensions in Europe, England, my mother country, is and will be a close friend and neighbour.

Add to that, Scotland needs immigrants from the EU to keep our hospitals staffed, we want to keep our NHS free of fat Presidential fingers and our whisky will take a nosedive after the US imposed 25 per cent tariffs.

Certain fresh foods we have become accustomed to will be in short supply and more costly, but top of the hit list will be the safe and reliable supply of medicines. Didn’t see that on the side of the bus did we?

Just a few juicy reminders of what Brexit means for Scotland. All in all, it will soon be decision time for us – more of this chaos or regaining our place as an independent European nation.

Christine Grahame is SNP MSP for Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale