Billy Connolly for president of an independent Scotland? A potentially appealing but surreal dream we should put to one side, at least for now – Scotsman comment

Humza Yousaf is engaging in the modern-day equivalent of a debate about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin

It’s almost as if Humza Yousaf isn’t listening to The Scotsman. Yesterday – the very day we published a plea to put aside “petty constitutional debates” and focus on Scotland's very real problems – the First Minister launched the Scottish Government’s latest independence paper, laying out his “radical” plans for a written constitution and, potentially, a referendum on the monarchy.

At a time when many are struggling amid the cost-of-living crisis, the idea of having a second independence referendum, followed by another on the new constitution, and yet another on the fledgling nation’s head of state feels detached from reality.

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The 13th-century theologian known as Duns Scotus was once mocked for (supposedly) debating how many angels could dance on the head of the pin. Now our government occupies itself with the finer points of a future to which there is no clear path.

But then again, perhaps Billy Connolly, dressed in his “big banana boots” and matching ceremonial robes, would make a fine president. Or maybe Scotland manager Steve Clarke could do a jobshare? Other fittingly surreal suggestions are invited.



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